Simple guide of starting use EasyRTC

EasyRTC is a full-stack open source WebRTC toolkit suitable for building highly secure, enterprise WebRTC applications.

Priologic’s EasyRTC incorporates an EasyRTC server install and client API, and working, HTML5 and JavaScript, application source code.

EasyRTC is completely free and open source under a BSD 2 license. No usage costs or other hidden fees. So feel free to use it.

Here is a simple guide of installing EasyRTC on a Ubuntu:

1. Download source code
Suppose you are using source directory as /opt/workspace

2. Copy all the files in server_example/ to /opt/web/easyrtc.

Create folder hold the EasyRTC application

Copy files

3. Security Considerations (not going into specifics)

Create user for node.js (or use existing web user), suppose you are using www:www, you can chown the nodes folder to be owned by this user

4. Install Node.js


5. Run npm install from the installation folder to install dependent packages (including EasyRTC)

6. Start EasyRTC by running node server.js

7. Browse the examples using a WebRTC enabled browser. (defaults to port 8080)


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