Lightweight and powerful library for encryption & decryption media content

SuperEncryption is FREE lightweight and powerful library for encryption & decryption digital content, support any file type from Movie, Audio to eBook, document etc.

Download library & example code:

Key Features

  • Support any file type (from movie, audio, ebook, document …)
  • High security with AES Encryption algorithm
  • High performance encryption & decryption
  • Lightweight and powerful library built from scratch, so can use both in Server & Mobile client or re-write to other language.
  • Optimized memory usage for encryption & decryption
  • Encryption file size does not increase compare with original file size (Due to multiple block bytes have been compressed during encrypting)

Online Demo

Library Dependency

How to use

  • Just included jar library SuperEncryption-1.0.jar into your project. Please check in example code at, It’s very simple to use
      private static Encrypter encrypter=new Encrypter();
      private static Decrypter decrypter=new Decrypter();
      // AES Encrypttion key, could be changed dynamic as you needs
      private static String key="kmP45pYv8Og9H39ZrShz3IsxVSfKI5iM";
       * Example
      public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
          String inputPath = "D:/TESTFILE/test.pptx";
          String outputPath = "D:/TESTFILE/";
          EncryptMeta metadata=encrypter.docEncrypt(inputPath, outputPath, key);
          String fileName=decrypter.docDecrypt("D:/TESTFILE/test.encrypted", outputPath, key);
  • Contribute
  • Roadmap
    • Support .NET C#
    • TBD

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2 thoughts on “Lightweight and powerful library for encryption & decryption media content

  • February 8, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    Hello! Good to get!
    Tell me how to display materials and the right to be?
    Thanks for the useful and respket portal!

  • February 17, 2016 at 5:27 pm

    Hi JekkersBYNC,

    For your question
    > Tell me how to display materials and the right to be?
    If you design an app to protected & distribute materials, this library is a component for encryption content. To view content you can combined with any other Viewer library/SDK for example with PDF ( to view the content in client app after content was decrypted by this library. For more question just contact by email



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